Monday, January 28, 2013

庄严隆重 Full honour





淇友的长子威廉,非常动人的分享了一些有关父亲的感人事迹。他举出了爸爸每天一大早就起来,为家人准备早餐的事, 道尽了一位作为丈夫和父亲,爱他家庭的行动表现。








Honour and Praise to God, for giving us Francis Ong as our brother. 

Funeral Mass of Francis Ong was held today at 10:00am at the Jesus Caritas Church Kepong which he has contributed in many ways towards the building of the church and people, especially the Mandarin-speaking community.

The Mass was con-celebrated by six priests: Parish Priest Fr. Surin, Fr. Philip Chua, Fr. Lawrence Ng, Fr. Clement Lim, Fr. Martin Then and newly ordained Fr. Augustine Li.

Many religious Sisters and more than 300 relatives and church members attended this solemn Eucharistic celebration.

In a moving testimony, his son William shared about his father's love for the family, quoting an example of him getting up in the early morning daily, preparing breakfast for the whole family.

He bore his suffering courageously. He didn't make unnecessary requests or demands but always feeling sorry for "troubling" his family.

His physical illnesses, including dialysis 3 times a week, were never the obstacle preventing him to care and serve for his family, people and the community.

As for community services, he served as a faithful legionary, Communion Minister and dedicated BEC coordinator.

His motto was, and will always be remembered by family and friends : If I am able to do it, just do it lah !!

After Mass, Legion's prayers were recited. It signified being the last meeting on earth for him.

Later, his body was laid to rest at the Rawang Christian Cemetery.

May all Honour and Praise be to God !

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