Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sad loss 痛失

天主忠信的仆人王淇友,在25/1/2013 早上大约8:45,安详的在吉隆坡中央医院,蒙主恩召,离开了这个世界,享年53岁。










“这场仗,我已打完; 这场赛跑,我已跑到终点;这信仰,我已保持了。(弟後4:7) 

“好,善良忠信的仆人!。。进入你主人的福乐吧!” (玛25:23)



Francis Ong passed away peacefully at about 8:45 am at Hospital Kuala Lumpur on 25/1/2013 at the age of 53.

He is a good husband, dedicated father, confidant to many. He is also a legionary, active member of Jesus Caritas Church, Kepong. Although himself a long term dialysis patient, but when he is needed by the community and the parish, he will stand out, offering his limited energy for the service of the people and community.

He was actively involved in the fund raising project of the new Caritas Church. The now in use new church told a touching story of his tireless effort and motivation towards the success of this building project.

The new church is a testimony of his effort and sacrifices. It also served as a memorial of him for his family, friends and co-workers.

It was believed that he had also contribution in other forms towards other churches. 
For the past 6 months, he suffered health complications, in out Hospital uncountable times.

Besides Physical pains, mental sufferings were more unbearable. 

Long term dialysis weakened him physically, thus affected his heart too. Due to blocked blood flow to his toes, he had an amputation of his lower section of a leg two month before his death.

He uttered no complaint, no shouting and cursing no one. Illnesses ravaged his body but not his faith and spirit. He bore his suffering quietly, maintaining a positive attitude, 

He offered all his sufferings to God, pray unceasingly and living each day with hope. The nursing staff and patients were touched by his positive spirit.

This morning, 2 Malay nurses from the hospital brought flowers to the wake to pay respect to him. 

He is sadly missed by many.

" ...... I have fought the good fight to the end;  I have run the race to the finish, I have kept the faith...(2 Tim 4:6)

" Well done, good and faithful servant! ..... Come and join in your master’s happiness!’" (Matt 25:23)

Francis, may your soul rest in peace through the mercy of the Lord. 

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