Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gathering of the titans 巨头的相聚


This is the first time I have seen so many cabinet ministers, political leaders within a short 2 hours in a small compound.

Prime Minister Najib and few of his cabinet ministers, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, many Members of Parliament and state executive councilors  attended the Chinese New Year Open House hosted by Dong Zong ( Mandarin short for United Chinese School Committees of Malaysia) at its premises in Kajang today.

It was a political showmanship of titans from both sides of the political divide before the 13th General Election which may be called anytime from now.

The Chinese community was quite disappointed with the Prime Minister for not bringing the gift anticipated by the community - the recognition by the government of the private Combined School Certificate. (Basing on Najib's normal practice of giving out money, sweet and carrots to gain goodwill and support from voters)

Prime Minister Najib arrived at about 9:45 am. He was welcomed by the organisers with lion dance performance. He joined in the traditional lou Shang and did Chinese calligraphy. After watching few cultural performance items and a few bites of food served, he left abruptly without given any speech.

However, he is the first Prime Minister to visit the Dong Zong since its formation 58 years ago, and nemesis the ruling BN government trying to tame for the past many decades. His visit has been termed as "Ice-breaking visit". 

Twenty minutes later after Najib's departure, well respected DAP leader Lim Kit Siang arrived with a few Members of Parliament and state exco members. They were welcomed warmly by the lion dance troupe and the enthusiastic crowd.

The more than 5000 crowd roared further at 11:20 am to welcome Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Dr. Wan Azizah and PAS Vice-President Mahfuz.

They joined the Lou Shang ceremony and were entertainment with cultural performances and magic show.

Anwar and group left at about 12: 15 noon without making any speech.

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不过,首相纳吉是『董总』成立58年以来,第一位到访的首相。所以,这次的新春团拜到访,被称为『破冰之旅』,也是历史性的一刻。 『董总』也是国阵政府过去数十年来,想尽办法要驯服的对手。


群众在11:20 时刻,更是热血沸腾的高声喊叫,欢迎反对党领袖安华,他的太太,及回教党副主席马夫斯的抵步。




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