Thursday, April 11, 2013

We are ON 我们来了

Finally ....

The Election Commission has announced that, for the coming 13th general election, the nomination of candidates falls on April 20 and the polling day is on May 5.

This is exactly one week after the dissolution of Parliament on 3/4/2013.

For the past 18 months and more, my wife and I were worried that we might miss the general election while traveling abroad.

Now, we are ON !!!

We are on and ready to participate in the dirtiest, most corrupted and closest Malaysian general election in recent history.

For the first time, change of government is a possible outcome of this election!

The Barisan National (BN), ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Najib, is going all out, making use of all means (resources), known and unknown tactics - mostly dirty and money related, to win back the two-third majority and five states it lost in 2008 general election....

Najib has been using his PM office and government machinery, especially government run radio and television stations, to drum up support for BN, more so for wanting to win back the support from Chinese community by showing goodwill and community-friendly gestures, including giving out money to Chinese schools, recognising degrees from China and Taiwan universities; meeting with Chinese educationists whom the government has been trying hard to marginalize them out of the mainstream education system.

He has to. Ah Jib Gor, as he called himself, is a desperate man. If BN's performance is not better than 2008 election, his will loose the PM post.... (Former PM Mahathir, the evil one with vested self interest, has given him the warning!)

Desperate situation requires desperate measures. He did ..... by announcing in BN Manifesto that if BN wins this election,  more cash handouts, from RM500 increase to RM1200, 1 million affordable homes, 3.3 millions new jobs, car prices would be dropped by 30 % ...... all about $$$$$$... to entice the voters.

All parties within the BN coalition are expected to give out a lot of cash buying votes.

A week ago, Church of the Holy Family received RM 30,000 cash from MCA (BN coalition partner) without any asking or reason ....( Being a member of this church, I felt insulted)

Another powerful weapon be used by the BN is the phantom voters,army/police postal votes and hundreds of thousand of doubtful voters in the Voters Roll, including illegals from Mahathir;s time.

The resources of the BN is many time stronger than oppositions.

The unveiling of BN Manifesto (or Moneyfesto) recently was carried live for more than 3 hours by all government TV stations, whereas, the oppositions was given 10 minutes which was rejected flatly by the oppositions.

To remove long established corruption, rotten and unjust system is not an easy task.

However,  we can implore the help of God Almighty, for his Divine mercy, to bless our country and her people, a just and peaceful election; may good triumph over evil, light over darkness, may justice be done.


Ah Jib Gor is now known as Ah Lui Gor ( Lui —— money )


选举委员会宣布,第十三届全国大选提名日为四月20日,而投票日则定在五月5 日。(网上已经广传了顺口溜:五月五,换政府!)






国阵,由首相纳吉带领的数个政党组成的联合阵线,全力以赴,利用各种资源,已知及还未知道伎俩 - 大都是肮脏及金钱有关,要来赢回2008大选时失去的五个州政府及国会三分二多数席位。



非常时期,需要非常大对策。纳吉做了。最近公布的国阵竞选宣言里,纳吉承诺,假如国阵继续执政(也就是说国阵有可能倒台),他的政府将会发出更多利民的策略,包括发放更高的援助金,从500增至1200 元,数年内,降低车价30%,创造三百三十万就业机会,建筑一百万间售价相宜的房屋,降低宽频收费,降低。。。。给。。。。全部17项都是给钱,给钱,减价,减价。。$$$$$的许诺,来诱惑选民。


我的教堂无端端的,从马华(国阵的一个华人政党)手中,领到马币三万元!!! (对作为这教会成员的我,是一种侮辱)







『阿吉哥』现在被称为『阿镭哥』 (镭,钱也)

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