Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Detour and destress 歇息及消压

The Gen Y life style is nothing but stress and pressure ... it is a rat race!

They are busy the whole day, routine is to them ... upside down; working and resting means the same thing. Hypertension , heart disease are found at younger age groups.

My two kids are among this category albeit without health issues so far.

Their typical working day starts at around 6:30 am and ending easily after 8:00 pm. At times we do not see them for 2 to e weeks. Home is only for a night stay during weekends, and has recently upgraded to restaurant ... come back for meal on Sundays and then off they go.

On recent National Day holidays, we pulled them out for a short holiday to detour and de-stress from the rat-race and also rekindle the family spirit.

Ipoh and Cameron Highlands were the best choice.

We did not contact any of our old friends in Ipoh, including Peter Cho, we went around town by ourselves.

Ipoh is famous for its hawker food ... Touke Chicken (Bean sprouts & chicken), Kueh Tiuh (rice noodle), Salted herbal chicken ... and many many more.

We have a great feasting tour of Ipoh.

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孩子们还特地去乘热闹,排队购买咖吖角(Kaya Puff) ....

怡保美食满街都是, 没有时间一一品尝.

让照片来述说吧! ( 更多照片Facebook )

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