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寻灵之旅 Peregrination Pro Christo








晓明之星的九位团员,当天一早就抵达圣类思教堂,参加了早上八时的弥撒。 在用过早点后,活动在十点开始。


  • 一些疏离教友,拒绝军友们的拜访;有些则以冷漠的态度,接待他们。
  • 很失望的见不到大部分教友家庭里的非教徒成员,他们特意离开,没机会“把基督的平安”传递给他们。
  •  一些教友,心怀陈年旧创,不能释怀,乘军友的拜访,大吐辛酸。
  • 有些热情的家庭,对军友的拜访,非常的高兴及感谢。
  • 教会(圣职,堂区领袖)有意或无意中,曾伤害一些信众,但没有给予理会或和好,修补关系。
  •  当地的教会,需要更努力的,更有效的,更积极的把基督的爱,在这个安静的小镇里,传送的更广,更深入。






一个拜访,一个握手,一个拥抱,一笑泯恩仇 。。。 这是圣母军的使命!

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Morning Star, the Mandarin speaking Legion of Mary praesidium in Kajang, held an Exploration Dominicalis at St. Aloysius's Church in Mantin Negri Sembilan on Sunday, September 22. 

Exploratio Dominicalis is a mini Peregrination Pro Christu which might be translated as the Sunday traveling in search of souls.

Handbook of the Legion stipulated that "every praesidium if possible as a body, to devote at least one sunday in the year to an expedition to some place - possibly a problem area - at a little distance in traveling " .

The main aim of this expedition is for members to engage themselves in the delicate, difficult, unpopular mission work of evangelisation in some areas where "the religious conditions are bad."

Through this activity, members are able to enhance their skills, broaden horizon and increase self-confidence. Moreover, it is an opportunity to foster closer relationship with other fellow legionaries and knowing the life of fellow Catholics in Mantin.

9 members of the praesidium arrived at St. Aloysius's Church early to attend the 8:00 am Mass.

After breakfast, members broke into 5 groups, led by Mantin Legionaries, started visitation of homes at about 10:00 am.

14 families have been visited.

At the end of the visitation, members gathered at the church for a briefing and sharing as follows:
  • Members were turned away or treated coldly by a few lapsed families.
  • It was disappointing not being able to meet non-Christian members of some Catholic families. They left the house to avoid visitors. (families were being informed of the impending visits weeks earlier)
  • Families took the opportunity to pour out their anger and bitterness against the church.
  • The Church (priests & leaders) has caused hurt to its members, intentionally or otherwise, and ignored/refused to seek forgiveness and re-conciliation. 
  • The local church must broaden and deepen its effort in spreading the Good News of Christ in this tranquil and beautiful town.
It was a fruitful and successful outing which ended at about 2 pm.

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