Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing with Facebook

Social media like Facebook is a useful tool for sharing information. And it is a double-sided sword.

When an organisation set up a Facebook page, prepare to face the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Recently, a post was on the Facebook page of The Church of the Holy Family Kajang (HFK). It attracted many comments or rather arguments back and forth. 

I read with interest responses from the parishioners of the HFK. 

Facebook is not a place for argument.  Facebook is not for apologetic.

I looked with amusement the parishioners are argueing with a "non-persona", a person in the cyberspace with no face and identity.

Jason Anthony Wong could be a Chinese? Indian? Eurasian? .... it is just a name. 

I would not make Facebook friend who is without a face, more so picking up a quarrel !

The arguments are still on-going !

Wisdom and discretion is greatly needed !

Warning: One "Wong" is not The Chinese.  PLEASE LEAVE OUT THE CHINESE IN YOUR ARGUMENT although Chinese bashing is the in thing in Malaysia right now !

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