Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eurasian cuisine 欧亚菜式

Adrian Robson, an Eurasian (mixed European and Asian descent) decided to quit the corporate world, and followed the dream of his heart - to open an Eurasian food restaurant.

Eurasian Cuisine Restaurant was opened on 1st July, 2013 and believed to be the first Eurasian food outlet in Kajang.

My family went to the restaurant for lunch recently to try out some authentic Eurasian dishes (more towards Portuguese) such as Curry Dabel, Chicken Vendaloo, Sambal prawns ....

The restaurant is situated at Taman Kajang Sentral, which is along Silk Highway (Kajang bypass) after exit to Jalan Bukit. It is simple and tastefully decorated, cozy for meals and drinks.

The non-air conditioned frontal portion is suitable for friends gathering for a beer or two in the evening.

Food and beverages are reasonably priced.

( more pictures in Facebook)

Adrian Robson (艾廉罗伯森)是位欧亚混血儿,他决定从企业界推出,跟随他心中的梦想,开创一间欧亚式餐厅。

在今年的七月一日,欧亚餐厅(Eurasian Cuisine)正式开幕,这也相信是加影地区第一家欧亚菜式馆子。


餐馆设计简单但有品位,坐落在 Silk 大道旁的商业区,靠近Jln Bukit 的出口。




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