Saturday, October 5, 2013

Understanding Depression 认识忧郁症

My friend got me a book "I''M STILL HUMAN" -  understanding Depression with Kindness.

It is written by Dr. Phang Cheng Kar, a lecturere in UPM Medical School and practicing psychiatrist in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital and Kajang Hospital.

The book is written in simply and easy-understood layman lingo.

"Depression affects about 10% of the Malaysian adults ( 1 in 10 persons). Depression affects people at all ages; it's 2-3 times more commonly reported in women than men. Despite being so common, there is relatively little awareness of depression; as many as two third of people with depression don't realize that they have depression. As for those who realize, there is often delay in appropriate treatment due to a social stigma on mental illness. So, you are not alone - be kind to yourself and seek help immediately. " (Pg 12 : How common is depression?)

Or least you can do, get to know more about Depression!

This book is being sponsored and distributed free of charge.

 我的朋友给了我一本书: 【 我还是人 - 仁慈地理解忧郁症】。




至于那些意识到自己患上忧郁症的人,却因为社会对精神病的成见而延误了适当的治疗。您并不孤单,请善待自己,立即寻求协助。” (第10页 - 忧郁症有多普遍?)



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