Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On Godchildren's business 乾子女的事

My wife and I had done 2 great things in 30 hours.

Yesterday, Oct 8, we went down to Johor Baru in the morning.

We visited my god-daughter Irene at her home. We met her 2 1/2 month-old first born son Samson for the first time.

He is so adorable and cute ... and mature-looking!

Great to have another god-grandson.

Today, Oct 9 Wednesday morning, we were in Johor Baru Registry of Marriage to witness the civil marriage ceremony of my god-son Bryan and Veronica Sue May.

Holy Matrimony (Church wedding) would be held on Jan 2014.

Putting serious oath and signing of papers aside, it was full of laughter during the ceremony with our friendly Registrar named Sue Gani.

We celebrated after the ceremony with a simple lunch at a restaurant.

(Baby's pictures in Facebook) 

(Marriage registry pictures in Facebook) 


昨天,8/10, 我们在早上南下柔佛州的新山。


他真的是超可爱的,见到他就开心; 他看起来也很老成,所以你会更爱他!



今天,九号星期三,我们一早就到了新山婚姻注册局,见证了我的代子Bryan 与Sue May 的婚姻注册典礼。


 除了严肃的结婚誓词及文件的签署,整个过程都充满着笑声,因为注册官Sue Gani 女士非常的风趣及和蔼可亲。


(Baby 的照片 Facebook)


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