Friday, October 11, 2013

Unforgetable smile 难忘的笑容

打从2002年到2009年,将近8年的时光里,庄桂明兄弟是八打灵Taman Plaza 区的熟悉身影。

“我常常见到一位穿的整洁的男士,处惊不乱的慢着脚步,从教堂的一边,越过马路,来到他工作的地方 - 光仁服务中心。”

“ 他通常会坐在店前面靠门的柜台,以他温暖的笑容,欢迎及问候每一位进来的顾客或朋友”。




神父也分享了两个月前探望桂明兄时,见到了他的坚强信德,依靠天主的那份信心。”我已经准备好了,只等天主的召叫而已”。 当时他进食也有困难。



超过一百名亲戚朋友参加了在甲洞耶稣圣爱堂早上9:30 am 的安所弥撒,共祭的还有苏瑞恩、黄天赐及李义兴三位神父。




祈愿天主的仁慈,桂明兄的灵魂早日安息主怀。阿门。 (更多照片 Facebook)

For almost 8 years from 2002 to 2009, Dominic Chong was a familiar figure in Taman Plaza, Petaling Jaya.

" I used to see this neatly dressed man, in his calm steps, crossing the road from the church (St. Ignatius) to Cahaya Puri Service Center where he worked.

"He would be seated at the front counter, greeting everyone entering with a warm smile ... his trade mark."

"Few years ago (2009), he has to quit his job at Cahaya Puri due to his cancer treatments at the Hospital Uninversity."

Fr. Lawrence Ng recounted his warm feeling of Dominic during his homily at Dominic's funeral Mass at the Jesus Caritas Church, Kepong.

“ We would no longer see this smile again!".

We shared with Fr. Lawrence the same opinion and feeling of  our beloved brother Dominic.

Dominic died on 8/10/2013 peacefully at his home after more than 4 years of battle with cancer.

He is survived by his wife Mary. They have no children. 

More than 100 relatives and friends attended the 9:30 am Mass, bidding sad farewell to our beloved Dominic. Fr. Surin, Fr. Lucas Ng and Fr. Augustine Li con-celebrated the Mass.

He offered himself as a full time worker at Cahaya Puri Holidngs Sdn Bhd (a.k.a Cahaya Puri Center) after his retirement. He received a small salary which was just enough to pay for his meal and petrol expenses.

Cahaya Puri is a non-profit organization founded by a group of laity to import, produce and distribute Chinese language religious books, magazines, CDs, VCDs, Bibles and reading materials throughout Malaysia.

Dominic was an auxilliary Legionary, full Legion prayer was recited at the end of the Mass, signifying his last meeting on earth.

May his soul, through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace.

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