Thursday, November 14, 2013

Computer class 电脑班

Slow and steady 不怕慢,只要有伴!

I have started a weekly computer class for senior citizens since Oct 30 (Wednesday) at my house.

I am no computer expert but willing to share my 2 cents worth of self-taught knowledge with them -- some basic knowledge on how to use a computer and the use of social media.

They are senior citizens that interested to know computer but no one to turn to. 

The first lesson attracted about 10 persons, many were "come and see".

The following week settled into a more realistic and manageable 4 persons.

So far so good ... all of us are enjoying the sessions and the fellowship.

A lady with zero knowledge of computer (not even to switch on the computer), after 2 lessons, already had set up her email account, sending and receiving  email. She will open her Facebook account next week and go surfing the cyber world!

One more new member is expected to join us next week.

This is something that I like to do!










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I Like it !