Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My parents in law 我的岳父母

Laksa (curry noodles) 咖哩面

My father & mother in law are in excellent health in consideration of their age (86 and 81respectively).

They have good appetite too - 3 meals plus 2 tea breaks daily, and usually on the dot !

My mother in law had just undergone her caterac laser surgery and is recovering in my house for the past 10 days.

Today, to relieve them of boredom, we brought them out to Seremban to visit our friends Anna and Stephen Ling, and had Laksa (curry noodles) as lunch.

我的岳父母,虽然高龄,但可以说是有着很棒的健康状况 (86 及 81岁)

他们也有很棒的胃口 - 每日三餐加两个茶点 ,通常都是准时就要到位!



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