Wednesday, January 1, 2014

新年快乐 Happy New Year 2014




感恩2013年的恩惠,我降伏的领受了2014年的一个十字架 - 颈脊神经挤捏病症。






他们也带来了几项美食佳肴 - 黄酒鸡,海味猪脚及酿鱼漂。


Tea time 茶点

A new year does not start until we go to church.

This morning, we went to church at 9:00 am to attend the New Year Thanksgiving Mass.

Expressing thanks to God for the blessings received in 2013, we continued to ask for God's blessing for 2014.

Counting the blessing in 2013, I did not complain the Cross, instead of gift, I received in 2014 - Pinched Nerve of my neck.

My wife has been suffering from this condition for more than 5 years, and got over it only a year or two ago.

May be God wanted me to "experience" the pain my wife (and many others) has gone through to enrich my life. I asked God to grant me the strength to bear this cross.

Right now I am experiencing constant throbbing pain in my left hand from shoulder down to the wrist. It is the sensation of pain plus numbness ... . I have to adjust my neck  position to ease the pain. Sleeping is the most torturing time.

Last night, after dinner at my daughter's apartment in Kuala Lumpur, we watched fireworks displaying at the distant skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

Today, after Mass, we welcomed our old friends - Tiew King and Tiew Hui brothers and families for lunch  at our house.

They brought few delicious dishes prepared at home: Rice wine chicken, Sea food with pork knuckles, Fish Maw Special.

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