Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One City Skypark 空中花园

Yesterday evening, we dropped by our Goddaughter Anna's house at Putra Heights to pick up a box of A1 curry pastes.

Godson-in-law brought us out for dinner at a very special place - One City commercial complex at USJ area. 

It is a ten-storey business complex with a rooftop garden.

There are ponds and see-through glass walkway that can see the shops ten floors down. 

昨天傍晚,到Putra Heights 干女儿瑷玲的家拿咖哩酱包。

乾女婿老英(George Ying)请我们到一个很特别的地方用晚餐。

那是苏邦再也的一个新商业区,名字为One City.


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