Sunday, January 19, 2014

膨果丰收节 Ponggol festival

Ponggal 或Pongal (膨果丰收节) 是南印度,特别是淡米尔拿都州民间的一个重要传统丰收庆典。


一月十九日(星期天),加影圣家教堂的淡米尔语团体,举办了这项膨果丰收节庆典,以传统及缤纷色彩的方式,团体的信德与爱内共融, 来感谢造物主给予的一切恩赐及收获。

 Ponggal 在淡米尔文的意思是煮沸。它也是当天必定会制作的一种甜品名字。这甜品的材料包括米,牛油,腰果,葡萄乾等。

庆典的另一个重要活动是煮牛奶,也就是庆典的名字由来。当器皿内的牛奶煮沸到满溢的时候,大家都会喊 Ponggalo Ponggal, 表示丰收及好运。





 Ponggal (Pongal) is a traditional harvest festival celebrated in Southern India especially Tamil Naidu state in the middle of January.

Today, Tamil-speaking community in the Church of the Holy Family held a Ponggal celebration at the church compound rich in tradition and colors. It is a celebration of Thanksgiving to the Creator for good harvest received, and togetherness as a community of faith and love. 

Ponggal means "boil", "spillover" in Tamil. It is also the name of a sweet rice dish cook on Ponggal day topped with sugar, ghee, cashew nuts and raisins. 

The highlight of the day was the boiling of milk. It was boiled and bubbled over the vessel, a good sign of abundance and prosperity.

The celebrations started at 3:00 pm and ends at 9:00pm. It was filled with activities and entertainer programmes, and 700 are expected to attend. 

Due to family commitment, I attended the first half of the programme only.

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