Friday, February 28, 2014

Another hot day 又一个热天

 We are experiencing a hot and dry spell for more than a month, with temperature reaching 36 °C.

Kajang has no rain for more than a month.

Water rationing started in Kualal Lumpur and Petaling Jaya area. Many other states are affected by the dry spell and initiated water rationing measures.

Malaysia is a tropical country with plenty of rainfalls. Shortage of water is usually due to poor management of the water supply company, not the weather. 

Water has been used as political tool by the Federal government, against Selangor which is under Oppositions. 




在雪兰莪,水供已经是一个政治课题及工具。目前雪兰莪水供公司是由联邦政府管辖,而雪兰莪州则是由反对党执政。过去六年来,雪兰莪州政府一直要从联邦政府手中,收购这水供经营权,但都不得要领。很多时候,水供公司因为管理不当,及别有居心,常常以水源污染,水泵操作出问题等理由, 使到许多地区缺水,人民怨声载道,而被误导把矛头指向州政府。

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