Friday, February 28, 2014

Screening Humanity 人性写实

I am not a fan of Korean drama or Korean Pop, but a loyal follower of a KBS (Korean Broadcasting Service) programme called "Screening Humanity".

It is a programme telling stories of real life Korean people. It is a programme of naked humanity, of love, happiness, fear and courage, sorrow and pain of life.

It is in Korean with English subtitles. It is worth watching.

You can watch it on Astro channel 391 and 392(HD), Mon - Friday @ 9:25 am or on Youtube.

It is a 5-episode, each half an hour programme. The just concluded story "Mom" was about the life of a 35-year old single mom, with Cervical Cancer, struggling to bring up 5 children. 

我不是哈韩族,没看韩剧或听韩语流行歌曲, 但却是韩国电视台“人性写实”的忠实观众。



寰宇电视(Astro)于391及393(高清)频道,星期一至星期五早上9:25am 播出。这节目也上载到Youtube,随时可以看到。


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