Monday, February 3, 2014

大年初四 Fourth day of new year

Today is the fourth day of Lunar new year of the Horse.

My hardworking wife prepared a simple but delicious lunch for family and more than 20 relatives.

 They are from Tony and Susan family, John and Aileen with 5 children; George and Mary Lai family; Boon Keat and Ann; my elder sister and younger brother, nephews and niece.

Andrew from The Farm was invited and received a surprise cake for his birthday which falls on tomorrow.

It was a wonderful gathering. (See more pictures Facebook)



大约30 人出席了这个午餐。其中有太太的姐姐、妹妹及他们的孩子; 我的姐姐、弟弟和他们的孩子。。非常的热闹。 

Andrew ,我们的朋友,也抽空出席。碰巧明天是他的生日,我们就把已经准备好的蛋糕,当成他的生日蛋糕,为他庆生,令他惊喜及感动。(参看照片Facebook)

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