Wednesday, February 5, 2014

加影补选 kajang by-election

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同一天,副首相也宣布,国内的十三条收费大道(大盗),今年过路费将不会涨价(早前政府已经表明一定要起价) 。。。多么爱民的决策!


I live in Kajang, and it is the focal point of the nation right now.

Following the resignation of PKR (Party Keadilan Rakyat) Kajang state assemblyman Lee Jing Jie, a by-election is ensured and it will be a Battle of Thunder and Storm.

This is a surprise political development of the country, even Pakatan Rakyat (People's Coalition formed by PKR, PAS and DAP) partners were caught off guard!

Following the announcement that PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim is standing for the seat, ruling Barisan National Coalition has begun attacking his move。

" Anwar sees no hope of becoming a prime minister, so going for state chief ministership.."
"Using by-election to settle his party's infighting.."

Other voices :" waste of taxpayer's money"; "politicking.."

Many friends called me up to ask : " what do you think..."; "who will win".

The by-election has little effect on the lives of Kajangites. I do not expect many new roads to be tarred, more street lights be erected, big development project to be announced ... but it will present a new political scenario to the state and nation.

For whatever reason this by-election is called for, I am happy with it. It gives us another opportunity to reflect and examine the current state of affair of our state and nation, and allow our voices our opinions to be heard once more.

Since May 2013 (505) 13th general election, is our country getting better, safer? our lives more comfortable? is social justice and peace being advanced? is our freedom of speech, religion and movement more secured?

It is timely !

I believed when campaigning starts, the issues are no more limited to state and town affairs, but national issues will be hogging the limelight.  The word "Kajang" would be replaced with "nation".

Today, the Election Commision (EC) announced that Kajang by-election's nomination day falls on March 11 and polling day on Mach 23. It is a very long preparation period.

EC is an independent body answerable to the King but is widely known to be the tool of ruling BN coalition government.

Also announced today by the Deputy Prime Minister that fee on 13 tolled roads would not be increased. Earlier, government already expressed its support for a toll hike.

It is obvious that the timing of the announcement has got to do with the by-election.

By-election is not longer a matter of the "small Satey town".

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