Friday, February 21, 2014

Give way 让路

Facebook has bought over WhatsApp for USD 19 billions (RM 62.8 billions).

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging app for smartphones. Currently it has more than 450 million users and adding a million more everyday.

WhatsApp currently giving user a year's service free of charge, and USD $1.00 a year thence after.

I found it very useful and convenient - sending text messages, pictures and video instantaneously free of charge. One dollar annual fee is relatively cheap.

It is Facebook's strategy to retain young people under its wing. It is a trend that young users are gravitating towards photo-sharing and mobile messaging.

Facebook would buy up any possible rival threatening its future. It has bought over Instagram in 2012 for USD 1 billion.

Maybe my recent move to teach senior citizens to use social media must has some bearing towards Facebook's move....(hahaha). I am putting more senior citizens into Facebook !

I just started 2nd computer class for senior citizens yesterday (Thursday). Three of them had joined Facebook after the first lesson.

I reckon they are kites put to the sky by me ... to see a broader world on a higher ground. They are very pleased and proud of themselves.

Young people, please give way, we are coming to Facebook !

Computer class (2) 电脑班(2)

『脸书』Facebook 刚以19亿美元收购了WhatsApp。

WhatsApp 是目前世界上最多人使用的跨平台精明电话通讯应用软件(App)。它现在拥有四亿五千万用户,而且还以每天增加一百万用户前进!

WhatsApp 提供用户第一年免收费服务。过后每年收费美金一元。

我有使用WhatsApp,它可以传送文字短讯、语音讯息、照片及影像,非常的方便。它的Group chat (组谈室),非常的有用。


我最近为高龄者开办电脑班,对脸书的收购决定,可能 有一定的影响。。哈哈哈哈。,因为我把更多的长者加入脸书里面。




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