Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meeting Anwar again 再见到安华

This was the second time within a week that I shook hand with Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of PKR and Opposition leader, and now the candidate for Kajang by-election.

Tonight, Anwar came to my neighborhood to attend a function of his supporters. He gave an animated speech centering on the main issues facing Kajang - the high crime rate and the spiraling prices.

Ruling coalition BN has announced Chew Mei Fun as its candidate. Chew was a Deputy Minister and former MP for Petaling Jaya North seat which she lost to the opposition in May 5 2013 general election.

I'm looking forward to her visit to our area too.

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今晚,安华到来我居住的邻里,参加他的支持者所设的一个集会。会上他作了一个非常生动的演说。他的重点集中于人民关怀的课题 - 很高的罪案率与百物腾涨,人民生活在水深火热中。




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