Saturday, March 22, 2014

A good Friday 有意义的星期五

 It was Friday, good weather with cooler temperature after few days of heady downpours.

My wife and I went for Friday's Way of the Cross service in the church. The service commemorate the arrest, suffering and death of Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago.

He suffered and died for our sins.

The service took a non-tradition style - instead of altar boys taking the cross going around the 14 stations, parishioners are invited to participate in the "carrying", to walk in his shoes the journey
Jesus took and the sufferings he has undergone.

After the service which lasted more than 45 minutes, I went alone to the Kajang Stadium to attend a civic gathering.

It was organised by Party Keadilan to protest against government's misuse and abuse of the judiciary system.

Anwar Ibrahim, the Oppositions leader and de facto leader of Party keadilan, were found guilty two weeks ago of sodomsing his assistant 16 years ago. He was sentenced to 5 years jail. He was released pending his appeal.

Many Malaysians believed it is Barisan Natioanl government abusing the judiciary to "finish off" Anwar's political career.

Anwar was charged with the same offence 16 years ago by then prime minister Mahathir.

Veteran opposition politician Karpal Singh was found guilty of sedition and fined RM4,000. The fine will disqualify him as a Member of Parliament of Gelugur, Penang. He was charged merely by saying " the sultan of Perak can be question in the court " during the constitutional crisis of Perak in 2009.

May opposition leaders and politicians were charged and jailed under this draconian law, and many more are awaiting court hearing on various offenses.

As in Anwar's case, one offence, charged twice under 2 UMNO prime ministers .... It has caused public uproar and anger.

The gathering attracted more than 12,000 people coming from Kajang and nearby areas, mostly dressed in black.

A) Way of the cross pictures in Facebook

B) Civic gathering at Stadium Kajang pictures

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安华是反对党领袖及公正党实权领袖。 他在两个星期前,被法庭判决16年前,鸡奸他的助手,罪名成立,入狱五年。目前他是保释在外,等候上诉的听审。








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