Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to KL 再回到吉隆坡

Gerd and Dorit was back to Kuala Lumpur again.

After a week of sun and sea at Casa del Mar resort in Pulau Langkawi, his group of friends are taking a two-day break in KL for more shopping and sightseeing before continuing their last leg of the tour-Melaka and Pulau Tioman tomorrow.
We met up today with then in KL for lunch.

In the evening, while relaxing at home, Barisan Nasional (BN) election campaigner consisting of a Datuk from the state of Trengganu came visiting. They brought a bag of gift for me too. They  asked me for the support in the coming by-election with polling day on Marh 23.

I welcomed them and thanked them for the gift. (bottom picture)

我们的德国朋友Gerd 和Dorit 有回到了吉隆坡。

他们在浮罗郎加屿的Casa del Mar 酒店享受了近一个星期的太阳与海滩后,回到吉隆坡暂休两天,以作更多的购物及观光活动。他们将在明天继续行程的最后一个环节 - 到马六甲和刁门岛。




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