Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A trip down South 南下一趟

With Fr.Valentine

Before Holy Week, my wife and I went down to Johor Baru to attend a wedding dinner.

I took this opportunity to visit Fr. Velentine with Tony at the St. Francis Assisi Spiritual Center in Ulu Tiram, outskirts of Johor Baru.

We spent 2 dys in JB and left for home en rout Melaka to visit Fr. Paul Wong In Ayer Salak where he is the parish priest of St. Mary's Church.

On the way, We stopped at Senai to buy some Hakka kiuh muih such as Yam cake, Kuih Ubi Kayu. We also ate Lui Cha (Hakka herbal soup and vegetarian dishes). 

It is a convenient stop. 

I like eating but not a glutton. I enjoy all types of food but would not go out of the way for any particular item. I have no favorite but enjoy anything and everything.

Fr. Paul has invited me to host a sharing session on family life in July at his parish. My trip is to plan with him on the theme and session details. 

Fr. Paul was appointed the Parish Priest of St. Mary's Church in January 2011. Since then he has initiated many programs ang activities in deepening the spirituality of famillies and communitarian spirit of the community.

The pastoral theme of the parish for 2014 is " Build Loving Home". For the first quarter of the year, programmes completed are wedding Anniversary celebration every month, Lunar New Year festivities, Lenten reflection, Holy Week Liturgy. 

Month of May saw Fr. Paul's tireless effort to organize a reunion of priests and religious hailed from Ayer Salak. He went personally to visit many of them scattered all over places to come back for the event in the middle of May.

Kampong Ayer Salak is about 16 kms from Melaka city center. It is uniquely a Catholic settlement which was founded in 1885. 

It produced many priests and religious Brothers and Sisters. A gathering of them will showcase a proud history of the settlement and good example for the youth to emulate. It will be a boaster to the dwindling religious Vocation.

St. Mary is a simple and beautiful church surrounded by trees and plants, especially Easter Palm trees. It has the capacity to supply palm leaves to 17 parishes, mostly in Klang Valley area, for use in the Palm Sunday celebrations. 











圣玛利亚堂是一间简朴但美观的教堂,四周被树木花草环抱。这教堂四周也种了好多圣枝棕榈树。每年的圣周,教堂会剪割圣枝,供应给17间教堂,大部分在巴生河谷流域,作为圣枝主日庆典使用。 我的堂区圣家堂,就是其中的一间。

(新山的照片 Facebook)

(士乃的照片 Facebook)

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