Friday, April 25, 2014

Visit to Sg Pertang 到新邦葫芦顶

On April 15, Wednesday, my wife and I, with 4 other legionaries, went to Simpang Pertang farm to visit Fr. Naden and also as an outdoor trip for the four of them.

My Legion group, which is called a Praesidium (Latin rooted word), consists of 10 members. The Praesdium is called Morning Star Praesidium, one of the titles uses to honour our Blessed Mother Mary.

We have our weekly meeting on Thursday. During the meeting, we recite prayer, report our works of the week and be given new assignment for the coming week.

Members are assigned to visit homes of the sicked and aged, hospitals and nursing homes as well as the poor and wretched.

It was a first time visit for four legionaries to such a remote places.

The new leaves of rubber trees signaled the breeding season of mosquitoes which attacked us in swamp. 

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