Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hong & Li's holiday 与朋友共度假期

Hong & Li of Sydney, Australia is on a month's holiday, of which 10 days would be spent in Malaysia.

Together with Tony and Susan, we have planned for them an iteneriary covering Cameron Highlands, Ipoh and Penang.

The next day upon arrival (27/7), we started our journey with the first stop in Cameron Highlands. Thanks to our gracious couple friend Paul and Cindy, through a short notice, we were able to visit a beautiful Chrysanthemum farm on the afternoon of our arrival.

We also visited tea plantations, cactus farm, Strawberry farm and farmers market.

(See pictures in Facebook - Cameron Highlands)

We spent a night in Cameron Highlands only.

On 28/7, we arrived Ipoh in the afternoon ... and it was an eating .. eating .. and eating as if it was the end of the world.

Peter Cho and Annie,  who else!  were the guide of our Makan Makan (eating eating) tour in Ipoh. (Peter might have regretted knowing us!)

We tried out the best Fried black noodle (Fried with pork lard), Duck yolk crabs ... Dim Sum.

Peter also brought us to try out the best roast pork in town ...

All in all, best description of our stay in Ipoh is " we ate as if it was the end of the world" ... 

(See pictures in Facebook - Ipoh)

来自澳洲悉尼的Hong 与 Li (越南籍), 出国度假一个月,其中十天会在马来西亚。





(参看Facebook 照片 - 金马崙)







这趟怡保行,可说是吃、吃、吃 。。好像世界末日的吃,而且是高脂肪的食物。

(参看Facebook 照片 -  怡保)

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