Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home sweet home cooking 甜蜜的家乡菜

The first things Uli would like to do when she arrived at our house was to cook for us!

We requested a traditional German dish.

Today, she cooked for us an authentic local German dish "Koenigs Berger Kopse" (Königsberger Klopse).

We loved it .... wonderfully delicious and distinctively German !

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Uli 到了我家之后,第一件事情要做到就是为我我们烹煮。


今天,她就煮了德国的一项地方菜肴 Koenigs Berger Kopse。它是以牛肉搓成的肉丸为主,配上芥辣配料的蛋、马铃薯等。

我们爱死它了 。。。非常的美味。。绝对的德国风味!

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