Monday, May 5, 2014

Time to say goodbye 说再见的时候

After a hectic 6-day tour of Cameron Highlands-Ipoh-Penang tour, we took a day to rest at home.

On Sunday, 4/5/14, we headed towards countryside for a peaceful day in Simpang Pertang farm.

We went by Broga-Lenggeng way, passing Dato Rock's Temple in Broga. We made a stop of about an hour to admire the beautiful landscape and great view on top of the hill.

Hong and Li were fascinated by the greens along the way. They loved our local fruits -  Durian, Rambutan, Mango, Banana, Mangosteen and coconut.... Except Mangosteen which was out of the season, they have tried them all.

Fr. Naden welcomed the visitors warmly. He showed Hong & Li round the farm, telling them names of fruit trees, different species of chickens and ducks....

After a fruitful and enjoyable outing to the countryside, Hong and Li were treated to a Satey dinner.

I brought them to a small satey stall at Medan Satey Kajang which served better Satey than the monopolising and famous big shop at a the opposite building.

Due to roaring business, the Satey and gravy served are cold. Whereas the small stall served freshly Q-ed Satey and hot gravy. I highly recommend this small stall.

Hong and Li left for Guangzhou, China on board 8:30 pm flight today for their second leg of holiday.

Wishing them a happy and joyful journey.

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Hong 与 Li 对沿途的翠绿森林及树木惊叹不已。他们非常喜欢本地水果 - 榴莲、红毛丹、芒香蕉、山竹及椰子等。除了不是季节的山竹外,他们都一一尝过了。

纳登神父热情的欢迎我们的到了。他也带领 Hong 与 Li 观看园里的各种果树及其名字,各种品种的鸡和鸭。。。




Hong 与 Li 今天晚上,乘搭 8:30 航班,飞往中国广州,开始他们在中国的三个星期旅程。



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