Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We have graduated 我们毕业了

Despite the gloomy and doomy political situation in Malaysia, my computer class students decided to have a pot-luck fellowship and to celebrate their graduation .. officially on this holy Vesak Day - Buddha's birthday. 

Spicing up the occasion, we invented our own graduation gown and mortar board for picture. The mortar board was made of a cake tin and board.

Through this class, senior citizens ( oldest 78 years old) were taught simple basic knowledge of computer, enabling them to surf the net and access to social media such as Facebook and Youtube.

We are proud of our achievement!

And the occasion made us all ROTFL ...

(More pictures in Facebook)





这毕业典礼也使我们大家ROTFL (网上术语-笑到趴地)

(更多照片Facebook )

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