Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cool day in The Farm 在庄园避暑

We visited Andrew at The Farm today.

Farm is haven for a hot and hazy day.

Andrew is going for his eyes' cataract operation next week, thus the Farm would be closed for the next 3 weeks.

We were surprised to see many durians "dropped" today ... It is durian season in Malaysia.

After lunch, we went to Andrew's house in Mantin town. Andrew has renovated his house recently. It is tastefully decorated, and very cosy and comfortable. 

Wishing Andrew a successful operation, and years of clear-vision happy days ahead.

(See Facebook for more pictures)

今天我们到庄园The Farm 拜访了Andrew.


Andrew 将在下个星期动眼睛白内障手术,所以The Farm 将休息三个星期,不接受客人。



祈愿Andrew 的手术成功,将来的好多年的日子里,都是视觉光亮的美好日子。

(Facebook 更多照片)

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