Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A day out 一天之游

 For the past one month, hot and dry weather coming back to Malaysia.

It has not been raining for the past one month. Certain places in Kuala Lumpur are expericing water supply disruption.

To add salt to the wound, haze is back .. to an unhealthy level.

Today, my wife and I, together with housemaid Agnes and good friend Karen, we headed to the mountain - Fraser's Hill, which is about 130 kms from Kajang.

Fraser's Hill used to be the favourable mountain resort of the country. However, due to lackluster promotion and management,  not tourists crowd, especially foreigners, coming to this hill resort.

We left Kuala Lumpur at about 9:30 am, reaching Batang Kali for the famous Lo noodles and prawn noodles for lunch at noon.

Enroute, we stopped by St. Jude's Church in Rawang for a brief visit.

We reached Fraser's Hill at about 1:45 pm.

It was warm at Fraser's Hill too but the cooling breeze making our afternoon stay an enjoyable one.

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今天,我和太太,连同佣人及老朋友Karen, 到离开加影大约130公里外的福隆港走走。

福隆港,不是海港,而是一个避暑山区 (Fraser's Hill)。它曾经是马来西亚的一个著名旅游景点,但因为缺乏推广及毫无生气的管理,如今很少见到大群的游客,特别为外国游客的前来。

我们在早上9:30 am,离开吉隆坡,在午餐时间,抵达巴当加里 (Batang Kali),享用美味的卤面及大虾面午餐。


午餐后,我们继续旅程,大约在1:45pm 抵达福隆港。


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