Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day 父亲节

 We were in Johor Baru from 13/6 to 16/6 to attend a wedding and to visit our parents.

On Sunday 15/6, our Johor Baru god-daughters - Agnes, Angela, Irene and Lucia,  organised a dinner gathering to celebrate Father's day.  It is a loving reunion!

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我们在13/6 - 16/6,南下新山,参加了一个婚姻,及探望了岳父母。

趁此机会,新山的四位乾女儿- 美芳、妃、爱玲及慧银,特地安排了一个集会,欢庆父亲节。这是非常温馨的集会,我们也非常的感动。

这趟旅程,我们乘搭巴士,非常的方便。我们把车停放在位于南湖镇的综合巴士终站, 然后乘搭Transnasional 的长途快车(享有乐龄折扣),四个半小时就抵达新山了。


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