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原住民新教堂开幕 Opening of new Rumha Besar (Big house)

说起原住民天主教徒,就想到纳登神父。他也是原住民口中的“鬍子”神父 (Father Janggut)。


柔佛东甲附近的波过 (Bekoh)一个原住民村落,就是他工作的一个重点。


1991年,他听说有一位“胡子”神父 在附近的原住民村落庆祝圣诞节,就与他取得了联络,并要求他前来教导子、孙天主教要理。

1992年,纳登神父在这个村落建起了一间简单的教堂(称为Rumah Besar 大屋), 整个村落的居民也因此而受洗,成为天主教徒。

Bong Ajang于2000年去世,享年78岁。


在甲柔教区的资助,村民本身的努力下,一间新的,更坚固的摩登大屋,成功的在原址重建了起来。大屋以Tok Batin (族长)Bong Ajang 命名。

8-6-2014 星期天,我和太太及金彪、年娇夫妇,受邀请出席了新大屋的开幕及祝圣典礼。




这里居住的原住民属于Temuan 系,约有18个家庭。这个村落称为 C 村,附近还有两个村落,称为A及B村。

C 村子离开东甲市区大约15公里,隐蔽在一个大油棕芭的山上,背靠闻名的里当山脉(也称金山 Gunung Ledang)。



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Fr. Stephen Ng & family members with the children of Bong Ajang, his relatives  黄进龙神父,母亲,姐弟等与Bong Ajang 的后裔合照,他们有亲戚关系。

When we talk about Orang Asli (Aborigines), Fr. Naden's name comes to our mind. He is also known as " Father Janggkut  (Bearded Priest)."

In his priestly ministry, Fr. Naden spent a great part of his life pastoring Orang Asli, and eradicating poverty by teaching them skills and marketing techniques.

A Kampong (settlement) of Orang Asli in Gembor Baru, Bekok near Tangkak Johor is one of them.

A Chinese Catholic known as Bong Ajang from Air Salak, Melaka, married an Orang Asli girl during the second World War, moved here to start farming the land.

In 1991, he heard about a "Bearded Priest" was celebrating Christmas in a settlement nearby, so he contacted him and invited him to come over to teach him and children Catechism.

Later, a Rumah Besar (Big house - chapel) was built by Fr. Naden, a.k.a Father Janggut in 1992. With the completion of the Rumah Besar, the residents of the settlement were baptised.

Bong Ajang passed away in 2000 at the age of 78.

With the passing of time, and the onslaught of white ants,  the Rumah Besar became unusable.

The Melaka-Johor Diocese has given approval and financial support to start building a new Rumah Besar a few years ago.

On 8/6/2014, my wife and I, together with Stephen and Anna Wong, were invited to witness the official opening and dedication of the modern Rumah Besar which cost more than two hundred thousands Malaysia Ringgit.

Bishop Paul Tan, Vicar General Mongr James, 5 priests and a Permanent Decon together with about 300 well wishers, benefactors and parishioners attended this ceremony.

One of the priests, Rev. Fr. Stephen Ng CDD, is a close relative to this Aboriginal settlers. 

The opening ceremony included: Blessing and opening of the main doors, Blessing of the Altar and Mass.

There are about 18 families staying in this Kampong.

This settlement is called Kampong C. There are 2 more Orang Asli settlements nearby, which are called Kampong A and B respectively.

Fellowship lunch was served after Mass. Local residents and children presented items of Aborigine dances to the enthusiastic crowd.

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