Sunday, July 20, 2014

Begining of our European trip 欧洲旅程的开始

Amsterdam Schipol Airport seemed normal

On 18/7 morning at about 6:50 am local time, we arrived at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport on board a KLM flight.

It was a 12-hour flight from KL to Amsterdam.

When I turned on my handphone, a message sent by my daughter read:" Please text me when u arrive in Amsterdam. MAS from AMS-KL shot down over Ukraine."

A shocking and devastating news.

My children were worry of our safety too. Our KLM flight was supposed to take the same flight path over Ukraine airspace.

The shooting down of MAS place has occurred hours before our taking off, thus prompted the flight to change path.

Before landing at Amsterdam, the pilot announced that " ...despite the long diversion, we managed to land on time..." I was puzzled then ...what diversion?

The tragic news was announced just minutes after we took off from KLIA. We were more than 12 hours kept incommunicado on air until SMS from my daughter.

I was on transit to Aberdeen, UK. On checking into boarding room for flight to Aberdeen, the KLM staff said to me:" you are lucky to fly from KL to Amsterdam".. I was bewildered by her remark then.

It was then I turned on my phone to learned about the news.

My wife and I arrived safely at Aberdeen on 18/7 at about 9:00 am local time. We were received by my daughter Elizabeth who is working in this city.

Let us all pray for the souls of victims rest in peace and strength to members of their families in dealing with this sad and difficult situation.

Lord have Mercy.

18/7 早上六点五十分(当地时间),我们乘搭的荷兰皇家航空班机,抵达了阿姆斯特丹国际机场。












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