Monday, July 21, 2014

Resting in Aberdeen 在阿伯丁休息中

Relaxing and feasting on my favorites享受着我的最爱

Aberdeen is an oil and gas town.

It is gloomy and cold most of the time. We were here two years ago, and a Scottish told me " ..two sunny days make a good summer".

This year, we are lucky. We arrived at Aberdeen with sunny blue sky. My daughter told us they have a really good summer this year with many sunny days.

But the weather changes fast. From sunny sky, it may change to cloudy and cold within hours, temperature ranging from 12 to 16 degree Celsius.

We are resting for the past 3 days in Aberdeen. My wife has a viral fever on the first day of arrival. Fever, headache..... taking medicine ... She is getting better now.

I prayed hard for her recovery.

(As a mark of respect to victims of MH 17, no posting in Facebook)

St.Mary's Cathedral, Aberdeen.





在过去的三天里, 我们没有什么活动,只是休息养神。太太在第一天抵步后,就发烧头痛。



(为表示对马航MH17 遇难者的尊重及哀悼,不做脸书的上载)

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