Tuesday, August 5, 2014

St. Joachim's church 圣亚金教堂

It is very rare to find a church named after St. Joachim, Mother Mary's father, and the more famous St. Ann's husband.

The church is built in 1885 and situated right at the back of my hotel in Milan. The church bells peals hourly to different tunes... O purest of creature .... ave ave....

We attended the evening 6:00 Mass in this church.

We are leaving for Paris tomorrow morning at about 8:50 am.

It is a 7-hour train journey which will take us through Alps area and many many tunnels. It is an exciting train journey.

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Goodbye Milan 再见米兰


若亚金是圣母玛利亚的父亲, 比较著名的圣妇亚纳的丈夫。





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