Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sunday visitors 星期天访客

Raymond Hooi is a Malaysian working in Singapore. He has just returned from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and making a stopover in Kajang to attend a friend's wedding. 

He is a seasoned backpacker with footsteps covering many countries and cities.

Doreen is from Penang who came with husband to attend 2 wedding functions in KL and Kajang respectively. 



Doreen 则来自槟城,与丈夫一同下来吉隆坡和加影,参加两位朋友的婚宴。


Pauline met her Johor Baru secondary classmate Florence first time in 43 years after graduation. 

Florence is staying in same Sg Jelok neighbourhood for more than twenty years. 

They are going down to Johor Baru this weekend for a reunion ... first time in 43 years too!


Florence 就住在我们家附近。


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