Friday, November 14, 2014

Visitors from Bintulu 民都鲁访客

On 13/10/2014, Thursday, Dennis from Bintulu Sarawak, took a KTM commuter train to Kajang with his wife Jane and son Paul for a visit.

Dennis is an oil and gas service contractor in Bintulu. He visits KL frequently on business but has never set foot on Kajang and Putrajaya.

I brought them for a tour of Putrajaya and later to a Satey lunch in Kajang.

(Few more pictures in Facebook)

十月十三日星期四,来自砂劳越民都鲁的Dennis 陈祖男兄弟,与太太及儿子,乘搭电动火车,从吉隆坡来到加影。

Dennis 常常来吉隆坡公干,但从未踏足加影与布城。


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