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A visit to Temerloh 淡马鲁之行


十一月八日,星期天, 我与太太,还有李太(陈少芳)及凌太(吴秀梅)到彭亨州的淡马鲁,参加在小刘(Lau)家举行的集会。

我们都是2012年,云南摄影之旅 的队员。我们在结束那趟旅游之后,许多队员以脸书及集会保持联络,因此成为了朋友。(可以观看我们的旅程)

八位队员去年在加影就集会了一次 (观看我们又见面了)




淡马鲁是彭亨州第二大的城市,坐落在两条河交汇处,并以盛产河鱼出名。它的另一个称号是“巴丁鱼城市,因为这里出产美味的巴丁鱼 (Patin) 而出名。

小刘与太太Jessy 热情的欢迎我们,并一同到一家咖啡店喝茶。他们特别介绍道地的Kiam-Si茶(茶加炼奶及鲜奶)

这次能够出席的队员除了我们之外,还有来自吉隆坡的Yi Von,Eagle Leong, Chong 和Elayne夫妇。

往后的24小时里,我们就是吃、喝及游玩。小刘夫妇介绍了我们许多道地的美食佳肴,其中一道非常特别的是淡马鲁马来式Tempoyak Ikan Patin ,一道以发酵榴莲作配料的巴丁鱼。





(Facebook 照片)

Nov 8, Saturday, my wife and I, together with Mrs Lee and Mrs Ling, we headed to Temerloh for a gathering at Lau Chee Hak 's house.

We were members of a photography group to Yunnan on October 2012. Our friendship developed and keeping in touch regularly through Facebook and gathering. (See also Our Journey)

Eight of us met last year in Kajang.(See We meet again)

We made a stop at Bentong, congratulating Lim Chee Keong on bagging APEC photography competition recently. Almost a page of him and the winning picture appeared in Star newspaper (Oct 8).

We had a celebration lunch at Bukit Koman New Village with specialty - Boiled duck and roast pork.

After lunch our continued our joureny to Temeloh.

Temerloh is the second largest town in the state of Pahang and situated at the confluence of Pahang River and Semantan River. Temerloh is also knowed as " Bandar Patin" (Patin city) as it is the home of Patin fish.

We arrived at about 3:30 pm. Our host Lau (Chee Hak) and wife Jessy welcomed us warmly to their home and later a coffee shop for tea.

Yi Von, Eagle Leong, Chong and wife Elayne were group members who were able to attend this gathering.

For the next 24 hours, we were treated to many delicious Temeloh food and delicacies including a very special dish called Tempoyak Patin fish, a Malay dish of patin fish cooked with fermented durian. 

We also visited the Pekan Sehari (one day market), a Sunday street market where hundreds of stalls selling different types of produce, food and clothing.

We left Temerloh for home at about 3:00pm on Sunday.

A big Thank you to Lau and Jessy for their warm hospitality and generosity.

We shall meet again next year!

(Pictures in Facebook)

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