Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Land below the wind (3) 风下之乡

Raymond is an old friend I must meet whenever in KK.

My trip to KK was kept in low profile by not informing many other friends so that to have more time
visiting places with my two children.

The last night in KK was to have dinner with Raymond and family - wife Rosemary and daughter Rachel.

Raymond has managed to shed off about 30 kgs since the last time we met a year ago, by taking supplements and regular exercise.

He looks great! See pictures Facebook)

This morning (Wednesday), we had breakfast with another "must meet" friends, Cynthia and husband Michael. 

Cynthia "warned" us she would break my head if we did not have breakfast with them on the last day.

After breakfast, Cynthia and Michael brought us to visit Fr. Tung whom I had not meet for more than 20 years.

He is almost 80 but still enjoying reasonably good health. He broke his right tight bone in a fall six months ago and has since recovered but walking with a slight limp.

After the visit, we headed to airport and boarded 12:30pm flight for home, thus concluded our fruitful holidays in the Land Below The Wind.

( More pictures in Facebook)

Raymond (雷蒙杨阜皇) 是我必到亚庇时,必定要联络的朋友。


在亚庇的最后一晚,约定了Raymond,太太Rosemary及女儿Rachel 共进晚餐。

将近一年没见的Raymond,他成功的 减掉了大约三十公斤,现在看来非常的健康。参看照片Facebook)

今早(星期三),我们与另一位到亚庇“必须联络”的朋友,Cynthia (龙桃娇)与丈夫 Michael。

Cynthia “警告”我,假如今早不与他们夫妇吃早餐,她会很生气,将会打破我的头!





过后,我们乘搭中午12:30 的班级,飞回西马,结束了这段收获丰富的风下之乡的假期。


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