Monday, March 9, 2015

Land below the wind (2) 风下之乡

Mary and grand-daughter Rachel Ling

With god-daughter Cecilia and 2 children 乾女儿诗诗、两位可爱的小女儿

It is the sixth day of our trip in the Land Below the Wind. 

After Kudat and Tenom (story later), we are back to KK (Kota Kinabalu) for 3 more days before we head home.

Last night our KK old friend Agnes and husband Paul Yap, together with daughter Jenny, hosted us to a scrumptious dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

This morning, my wife and I visited Mary Yap, mother of our god-daughter Cecilia at her eldest daughter's home.

She was quite surprised we can find the house in Taman Inanam Laut, Inanam at the outskirt of KK.

Thanks to Waze, the smartphone navigation Apps, we can easily find places far and near easily!

After that we called up David who is the owner of two stationary shops in Inanam.

David and wife Susie welcomed us warmly and brought us to a coffee shop for Ice Cold Coffee (only found in Inanam) and freshly baked breads and buns.

It was a very enjoyable tea time with local old-time favour!

Later, David drove us around and visited a Catholic Church where we met Fr. David Sham, a friendly and jovial priest.

Pleasantly surprised to meet Rose Koh, younger sister of Susie, a legionary whom I know for decades.

We bid farewell to David and Susie thanking them for a wonderful afternoon in Inanam.

In the evening, we had dinner with our God-daughter Cecilia, husband and two adorable children.

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昨晚,老朋友、圣母军军友惠琼姐妹与丈夫及女儿俐雯,宴请了我们吃了一顿丰富的晚餐。当晚他们的襯家David 夫妇也出席。

今天早上,我与太太去夏南南(Inanam)探访了来自山打根的 Mary 叶佩玉姐妹。她目前是住在长女的家里。


其实我们要拜精明手机的Waze ,一种导航应用程式(Apps)所赐。这个Apps 能够帮助我们很容易的找到要去的地址,不管远近。

过后,我们来到了夏南南的商业区,找到了在此经营两家文具与应用品商店的David 与 Susie 夫妇。



茶点过后,他们带我们参观了当地的天主教堂,也会见了大卫神父 (Fr. David Sham)。神父随和可亲,与我们谈了一阵。
过后,Susie 带我们去会见一位“神秘人物”,她的妹妹。原来我早已认识了这位圣母军军友十多年了,只不过不知道带我们来见她的Susie 就是她的姐姐!


傍晚,我们的乾女儿诗诗Cecilia 与丈夫,及两位可爱的女儿,请我们公用晚餐。

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