Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lord hear our prayer

The ruling of US Supreme Court legalizing the same sex marriage attracted enthusiastic response from social media community. Majority of the Catholic responses voiced out strong condemnation and harsh worded comments.

I looked with sadness not so much of the court ruling but the behavior and words used by fellow Catholics.

Many spoke as the authority if not God himself. How much they know about the lives of LGBT ? Do they really care about them? or just because the Church said so ? Do they treat the LGBT with respect and equality?

Condemnation and alienation are very distinctive among the self-proclaimed "authority" and "spoke-person of God".

Some FB users complained that they were de-friended because of rainbow profile pictures to be united with the LGBT.

I pray:

Oh God,

I am confident that the Institution of Marriage created by you has not changed and being threatened.
It will never be changed, not by human court or earthly beings.

The judgement of the US Supreme court is a matter concerning people created by you.
They are human beings who love you just as much as any other of your children, if not more.

Many of your other “good children” had passionately spoken out on your behalf, some, using  Your voice as if it is You.
Condemnation has been swift, judgement has been unforgiving,  
Harsh words flew freely from your supposedly holy loving children.

I ask you Father at this point of time, for a cool head in allowing me to be a human, a sinner. Grant me an opportunity to learn, to understand and to feel for the many sons and daughters of yours whose sexuality is not of their own choice but through their mothers’ wombs. This of which, is a wonder of your creation.

Give me a compassionate heart to love and to embrace them and to celebrate the joy of your creation.

I ask for the Graces to receive a thousand stones than be the one who casts the first.

Bless me with the opportunity to look deeper into the value of Christ’s Sacrificial Love and Church’s teaching of compassionate Love.

This moment is a great opportunity from you enabling us
to love,
to understand,
to respect,
and to walk with them.

Not pity
Not discrimination
Not hatred

But love them as our equal.

All people should be treated equally,
No matter who they are
And who they love.


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