Monday, July 27, 2015

Kenya (2) Edel Quinn 爱德奎










Another good reason for me to come to Nairobi is to visit the tomb of Edel Quinn, Hero of the Legion of Mary, in which I am a member for almost 35 years. (Click her to know more about Edel Quinn)

Through Fr. Mathews' arrangement, we were warmly welcomed by the Assistant Parish Priests of St. Augustin Church, Nairobi, Fr. Mike and Fr. Benedict. The Parish Priest was away on other business. 

We were treated to a delicious local flavour lunch.  

The tomb is situated at a cemetery for priests and religious. Edel was given special place to be buried there. It is less than a kilometer from the church. 

It was an emotional moment when arrived at the tomb of Edel. 
Four of us Legionaries, my wife and I, Joseph and wife Rose, recited together the Catena (Legion prayer), prayer for the beatifucation of Edel Quinn, and ask for her intercession for blessing upon all legionaries  and praesidia. 

On December 15, 1994 Pope John Paul II declared Edel Quinn "Venerable". One miracle attributed to her intercession is still required for her Beatification.  

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