Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kenya 1 肯亚

Praise and thanks to Father almighty, through the intercession of Mother Mary, our Kenya Safari Adventure ended happily with plenty of excitement and wonderful experiences.

It was truly a great adventure filled with risk and  unpredictability.

We left Kuala Lumpur on 12/7 on a midnight 2-hour flight by Thai Airways, with 3 hours transit in Bangkok. Then boarded Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi on 13/7 morning , reaching destination at 6:30 am Kenyan time (5 hours behind Malaysia)

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Rev. Fr. Mathews who was in Nairobi a few days before us. Fr. Mathews is a native Kenyan Mill Hill Missionary priest serving in Sibu Diocese in Sarawak for the past 4 years. He was on a 2-month home leave.

Through his sacrifices of almost 2 weeks of  home leave, he arranged and led us in this unforgettable Safari. We are grateful to him for helping us to realize our childhood dream of an African Safari!

Our accommodation is the Mill Hill Missionary House in Nairobi. It has a beautiful garden within its compound, peaceful and quiet.

Despite our jet lag and lacking of sleep, we wasted no time to start our itinerary by visiting a Giraffe conservatory, crocodile farm and Mill Hill formation House where Fr. Mathews stayed during his formation years in Nairobi.

The temperature in Nairobi is around 15 to 25 degree C. It is dry season now, thus quite dusty in the city area. Many roads were clogged with cars and pedestrians.

At times, traffic was quite chaotic but not unruly. Drivers were aggressive but did observe certain briquette (give way) and seldom honk at each other.

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我们在12/7晚上乘搭泰国航空班机,两个小时抵达曼谷,停留了大约三个小时后,续程肯亚航空班机,在当地时间13/7六点半早上抵达目的地 -- 肯亚首都奈罗比(内罗比)。肯亚时间比马来西亚迟五个小时。


他牺牲大约两个星期的假期,特地安排及带领我们这趟的行程,我们心里感激不尽。也因为他的牺牲,我们才能够实现数十年的童年梦想 -- 到非洲观看野生动物。



奈罗比的交通有时会很混乱,但不是乱七八糟。司机们有时会抢位,但不是横蛮,有时还会让路,也很少会按汽笛对抗 。


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