Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Fr. Naden 祝纳登神父生日快乐

Fr. Naden (left) and Fr. Stephen (right) 31-12-2008

Today is Fr. Naden's 72nd birthday.

A friend from Penang, James Lee, brought to my attention of Fr's birthday by posting a picture of me with Fr. Naden and Fr. Stephen Ng, CDD.

Fr. Naden is a well-loved by his fellow priests and people around him. His health is OK but physical strength has declined much in recent years. I have seen his tired face in many occasions.

May I wish him Happy Birthday, may our Lord Jesus watch over him, protect him and be with him always.

(参考旧帖子及照片 See old posting & picturesque 1-1-2009)


槟城朋友James 在脸上放载了一张我与纳登神父及黄进龙神父的照片,提醒了今天是神父的生日。



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