Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amboseli National Park 安博斯利国家公园

Two days before the end of our Kenya holidays, we traveled another 250 kms from Nairobi to the Amboseli National Park, another famous Safari location.

It is smaller than Massai Mara National Park, and the roads are very much better too.

We checked into Serena Lodge which is located within the park. The place is beautiful and comfortable.

We enjoyed the view from the hotel lobby lounge where many wild animals were grazing at the big open grassland.

Amboseli is more famous as a place to see elephants and girafee.

( Amboseli pictures in Facebook 1 )

(Amboseli pictures in Facebook 2 )

我们肯亚之旅结束前两天,我们驱车到大约250 公里外的安博斯利国家公园。它是肯亚在马赛玛拉国家公园之后,另一个著名的野生动物观赏景点。





( 安博斯利照片 1)

(安博斯利照片 2 )

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