Sunday, October 4, 2015

澄江 Cheng Jiang






我们在抵达的当天傍晚,看到一只接一只的小渔舟出海捕鱼。这些小舟,通常都是一个人管理,他们在傍晚出去撒网之后 ,到隔天早上五点左右才回航,带着一个晚上撒网所得的渔获,回到渔村。



22-9-2015 早餐后,我们就离开抚仙湖,往昆明机场出发,途中停下用午餐,在下午大约两点左右,抵达机场,然后成都傍晚五点的飞机回国,结束了我们8天的行程。

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The second last day of our trip, we stopped at Lake Fu Xian at Cheng Jiang city, about 180 kms from Kunming.

According to information,  Lake Fu Xian is the biggest lake in term of volumn in Ynnan, and third deepest lake in China. It was formed more than 3.5 million years ago and is famous for its tiny silver fish.

The hotel we stayed looked grand from outside but very rundown inside. However, it is situated by the lake side and about 100 meters from a fishing village.

Our main aim to Cheng Jiang is to take photograph of the fishing village.

On the evening of our arrival , we saw many small boats leaving the village jetty to cast nets in the lake. Fishermen would stayed overnight on board and return next morning at about 5 a.m with their catch.

We were able to see beautiful sunset and sunrise, and taken many pictures of the village and fishermen.

On 22-9-2015 morning after breakfast, we left for Kunming airport, en route we stopped for lunch, and took the 5 pm flight home.

Thus concluded our 8 days beaufiful journey toYunnan.

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