Friday, October 2, 2015

Great moment 珍贵时刻

Fr. Matthew Koo (2nd right) & Fr. Matthew Chu (2nd left) 顾神父(右二)朱神父(左二)

I received a mail today from Monsignor (Rev. Fr.) Matthew Koo from USA.

He sent me pictures of him meeting with Pope Francis recently. A great moment for him who has suffered gravely under Communist regime in China. In the picture, I saw another priest I met in Taiwan, also persecuted by Communist, Rev Fr. Matthew Chu. (See story Fr. Matthew Koo 2009 and Fr. Matthew Chu 2013)

Both of them who are more than 80, are looking great .




他们俩都已经年过80, 但还是健康,精神焕发。

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