Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Refreshing journey 心旷神怡

I can never get tired of driving from Kajang to Simpang Pertang, Negri Sembilan.

The 100-kms journey takes about 1.5 hours, through highways and byways. I enjoyed very much of the country side and kampong (Malay villages) scenery.

Today, my wife and I took a drive to Simpang Pertang to visit Fr. Naden. We met up with 2 little girls from nearby village, and 2 new puppies which were delivered to Fr. Naden by Bernard of Seremban.

We also enjoyed Rambutan, Durians and Mangosteen, the fruits of the season.

Blue sky, fresh air, countryside, greenery... It was a refreshing trip.

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我们也享用了当季水果 - 红毛丹,榴莲及山竹。

蓝天、清新空气、乡下、翠绿树木 。。。这是一趟令人精神清新的户外游。

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